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Who is Leonardo?

Leonardo Manco is an Argentine comic book artist and penciller who was born on Dec. 16, 1971. His career in comics started in 1989.

He lives in Argentina and is best known for his dark style of drawing and was signed to a two-year contract with DC comics in 2004.

Some of his works include: Hellstorm (1994), Blaze of Glory (2000, #1-4), Apache Skies (2002, #1-4), Deathlok Vol.3 (1999 - 2000) and Hellblazer (2004).[1]

Archangel #1 (1996), Werewolf By Night Vol.2 #1-6 (1998), Doom #1-3 (2000) and Doom: The Emperor Returns #1-3 (2002).

He is the artist for War Machine series from Marvel Comics.